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Celebrating the Wise Woman, 7th - 10th March 2018

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Forthcoming Workshops, Events and Retreats 2018

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February 10th - 14th: "Lovin' Me, Lovin' You" free beauty and natural health pop-up with Lynne's teams of experts, No. 4 Market Place, Wincanton

March 7 - 10th: "Celebrating the Wise Woman" Retreat with Lynne Franks and Chef/Nutritionist Ursula Peer, Wincanton

March 10th: All-day Cookery Class with top international traditional Chinese medicine Nutritionist/Chef Ursula Peer, Wincanton

March 17th: Power of 7 one-day workshop with Lynne, Wincanton

April 25 - 27th: Power of 7 "Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" Retreat with Lynne, Wincanton

May 21 – 24th: Power of 7 Annual Gathering with Lynne, Earth Spirit Centre, Compton Dundon, near Glastonbury

June 6 - 8th: Power of 7 "Me, We, Us" Retreat with Lynne, Wincanton


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