Lynne Franks

Spirituality and Wellbeing


Spirituality and Wellbeing

Lynne believes in a path based on spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. Now in her late sixties, she is a practising Buddhist, chanting Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo on a daily basis. She practices Raj Yoga meditation with the women's lead spiritual organisation the Brahma Kumaris, whose style of female leadership has done much to inspire her. She is also a follower of Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythms and wishes she had more time to dance. She does fit in regular boxing and fitness routines and tries to eat healthily, although admits to loving her food. Her BLOOM Wellbeing Retreats continue to be held in Deia Mallorca where she previously had a home for many years.

Above, Lynne with Dadi Gulzar, Dadi Janki and Sister Jayanti, leaders of the Brahma Kumaris.


Lynne in India with the Brahma Kumaris

Lynne at a conference in Prague

Lynne as Empress of Maida Vale, "very big in government circles" with fellow Buddhist Richard Finchell at a Buddhist production of Aladdin for the community, 1987

Lynne in the Amazon, visiting the Achuar Tribe of Ecuador, experiencing local Shamanic rituals.

In Germany visiting Mother Meera

Spring Equinox at Stonehenge with Rebekah Shaman, March 2017

Lynne with close friend and spiritual teacher Denise Linn, at B.Hive

Lynne at a Five Rhythms Retreat at The Esalen Institute, California with Ya'Acov Darling Khan, 1993

Receiving new Gohonzon from David Woodger at Taplow Court, S.G.I. UK Headquarters, 2017