Lynne Franks




Lynne Franks OBE has spent her long and successful career at the cutting edge of social trends, identifying and promoting them to the mainstream.

Using her personal insight and enthusiasm to spread the ‘news,’ together with her innate talent in spotting changes in taste and trends, she was a major influencer in the global fashion and beauty business for many years. She has worked with many of the world’s top designer talents, entrepreneurs, global corporations and innovative retailers, forging an impressive reputation as ‘the zeitgeist’, according to Vogue Magazine.  

Since selling her PR agency, she has spent the last two decades creating awareness of the need for a safe, sustainable and positive world for all, as well as dedicating herself to the essential call for women’s empowerment.

Lynne continues to identify, influence and promote the trends, values and choices that affect the way we live, work and connect, whether as baby boomers, millennials or something in between.